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There are few destinations like the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida which can offer captivating and varied landscapes where visitors can enjoy a natural environment, complemented by genuine and friendly people, in all four seasons of the year. In this section, you will find the main Natural Spaces in the territory of Lleida, which offer a great variety of activities and proposals through which to enjoy nature in its purest state. In short, this is an ideal destination at which to spend a few days' holiday or a short break with friends and family. What are you waiting for?


The Collegats-Terradets Park

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The Collegats-Terradets Park

Pg. del Vall, 13
25620, Tremp
973 653 470




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  • The Collegats-Terradets Territorial Park, in the comarca of Pallars Jussà (Spain) has taken full advantage of the fluvial axis that includes sections of the river and reservoirs of the comarca and their surrounding areas in order to create a network of leisure, tourism and socio-cultural services that helps to promote the natural and scenic and values heritage of both this immediate area and the whole comarca.

    One of the main resources of El Pallars Jussà that this initiative aims to promote is its natural environment, which can be discovered and enjoyed through trekking. This is an activity that not only allows visitors to get some healthy exercise, but also helps them to discover some of the most beautiful corners of the territory and to uncover the most emblematic elements of its rich culture and heritage. These routes recover old bridle paths and other historical and traditional routes through the comarca, thereby creating a network of paths that can be followed on foot, by 4x4 and on mountain bike. In all, there are 34 of these routes, which have been reopened, signposted and marked with yellow markers to guarantee the safety of trekkers.

    Another aspect to underline is the opportunity offered to discover the historical and architectonic heritage of the different Castells de Frontera (frontier castles). They can mainly be found in the southern part of the sierra of Montsec and are well signposted and in cases have been conserved and rehabilitated.

    Water is one of the most important values of this territory, as it serves not only as a natural resource, but also as tourist resource. Water has served as the central focus for the development of a network of associated leisure and cultural services, all of which have a minimum impact on the natural environment and indeed help to preserve it. This is the case, for example, of the leisure zones created at the Sant Antoni and Terradets reservoirs, which have managed to combine several different uses for water, including generating hydroelectric power and fishing. This resource also permits a wide variety of water sports that provide fun and entertainment for the whole family and allow visitors to discover new sensations.

    Another potential aspect of the Collegats-Terradets Territorial Park project relates to its geology and palaeontology. El Pallars Jussà, and above all the area of Conca Dellà, conserves important palaeontological remains which help to take visitors back millions of years in time, to when the Earth was inhabited by dinosaurs. The museum of Conca Dellà, at Isona, offers visitors the possibility to discover impressions of rays, the footprints of dinosaurs, dinosaur nests and eggs and numerous bone remains.

    With all of these initiatives, it is hoped to give renewed life to this territory and to make it known to as many people as possible, so that they can discover its history, countryside, heritage, geology, sports, traditions, gastronomy and people. In this way people will be able to discover the wide range of possibilities offered by the comarca of El Pallars Jussà and enjoy a few days of leisure, peace and quiet.