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Espai Orígens

Carretera C-13, km 44
25613, Camarasa
973 42 04 27




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  • Rediscovering prehistory through archaeological research

    Espai Orígens (Origins Space) is a centre located at the foot of the Serra del Montroig, very near the aiguabarreig (confluence) of the rivers Segre and Noguera Pallaresa. It is a centre dedicated to the diffusion of information about the natural and cultural heritage of El Montsec (la Noguera). We specialise in the prehistoric period, mainly from the leisure and tourism angle, but are also a research centre. In this way, we try to relate the knowledge derived from the research work carried out by the archaeologists from the Centre for Studies of Prehistoric Archaeological Heritage of the University Autonoma of Barcelona to the experience-related activities that we offer to a wide range of visitors.
    The centre is a meeting point for visits to the Roca dels Bous, a Neanderthal site where  the remains of hominids from 50,000 years ago have been found and which is still being excavated. Visitors can follow part of the route with the help of an iPad-like tablet computer which will provide detailed information about what they see around them. Finally, in the excavation zone, a guide will explain the mechanisms and the methodology that are used to interpret the past of these hominids and also to recover fossil remains.
    We also offer visitors the possibility to take a trip back through time in order to see and experience what everyday life was like in prehistoric times. We also have our Archaeological Education Park, an educational facility that contains replicas of prehistoric camps and huts and other spaces that simulate different aspects of an archaeological excavation. Visitors can make prehistoric tools, test their ability on a simulated hunt (using a bow and arrow and sling), learn more about prehistoric art by doing some cave painting, and improve their understanding of the symbolic world by making necklaces and ornaments. 
    The Espai Orígens is also the information point for the la Ruta dels Orígens, a cross border itinerary aimed at a type of tourist who is interested in scientific matters. This route visits different points on either side of the Pyrenees. The centre has a hall for temporary exhibitions, a shop area selling local products and books and articles about the Roca dels Bous and a multiuse space where talks and workshops can be held.